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In 2010 we studied the Parables of Jesus. It is simply a collection of fantastic stories to live by you really should check out!





We took a trip through the Bible in 2011 going from Garden to Garden. We started in Eden, hit Old Testament justice texts, visited Jesus in Gethsemane and ended in Revelation’s Tree in the Middle of the City.


Later we read “Confronting the Controversies” by Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton. In Bible Study and preaching, and especially in our congregational discussions we became more adept at thinking through (and reflecting aloud together!) how our faith informs us on difficult and complex issues.


The Fall Summit in 2011 had been a wild adventure through world religions called “Faith Pirates.” It seems we all steal and borrow from a number of wonderful sources from around the world when it comes to faith. That is;

we really understand at Genesis that God is at work in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and other seemingly far-flung religions besides Christianity! We are lucky to have one another to share in the adventure of discovery.

 Faith Pirates flagso when we came to the congregational study we turned to the dense but richly rewarding book of Romans for guidance along the Way home page Roamin'





The Spring of 2012 saw us return closer to shore (too close for some of our more adventurous folk!) by reading as a whole congregation the evangelical Lee Strobel’s huge best-seller “The Case for Christ” 


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In the Fall of 2012 Genesis read a most unlikely but inspiring book about faith and life, and finding a life of faith full of meaning. Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”  was a an exercise outside most of our comfort zones, but what a treat! a-million-miles-in-a-thousand-years

2012 – 2013 also had Pastor Don and our Bible Study groups moving through the entire Gospel of John. This most poetic and symbolic of all the gospels was a wonderful source of conversation and spiritual growth for our church!

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