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Previous Conversations (2013-2015)

Lent 2015 Julie bWinter 2015 had Genesis studying both Luke and the Apocryphal but intriguing Gospel of Thomas out of The Complete Gospels. complete gospels

We are considering: How can we become more useful and effective in our world today?

Advent 2014 and January 2015 was a different kind of Advent due to our study of Infancy Thomas. Modern-Nativity-DIY-2We had a blast learning some early church stories of Jesus as a boy that never made the canonical cut in the 4th century.  In Bible Studies and especially during our worship service “Offerings” we looked at both a human side and wildly idiosyncratic superhuman side of Jesus most all of us were unfamiliar with!

Joshuain Fall 2014 we looked at Joshua and the dramatic settling of the Promised Land back in 1200 BCE. The Theological issues along with the political, sociological and economic ones helped inform us about our evangelism today, How we view the past colors our view of what’s happening now!

We also read together one of our favorite of all time congregational books Evolving in MonkeytownRachel Held Evans made us laugh A LOT and totally won us over with her autobiographical tale of faith lost and found. This is a book about far more than learning to let go of fundamentalism. It is full of wisdom about how we change and grow, and how to graciously recognize the need to let your view of God grow too. Highly Recommended!eimt-book-cover full

Summer 2014 included a wet and wild  few sermons on Jonah, and offerings conversations about our own journeys; full as they are of both wandering, being found, and learning to of jonah soundings
One DoersSpring of 2014 was James: Becoming Doers of the Word  This book attributed to Jesus’ brother was full of helpful advice for believers. At Genesis we are actively involved in Outfitting Authentic Disciples so we loved the practical nature of this book!


beneath logo JPGWinter 2014 we actually read poetry together! As a way to affirm our need to let God speak in metaphor and symbolic language we studied a fantastic book of spiritual poetry called The Enlightened Heart in Bible Studies and worship. We even memorized a little! Check out Stephen Mitchell’s book: The Enlightened Heart by Stephen Mitchell





ADVENT 2013 while we were in the middle of our New Beginnings Genesis looked at being conspicuous in a new, and good, way:Advent 4


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