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For Our Parents

A Few More Words For Parents

Sunday activities for children (GraceLand) happen during the 9:09am service. Children join us for worship during the first part of the service, and are then excused to go downstairs with their teachers and helpers. Check the calendar to see what GraceLand is doing each week

Genesis values creative learning, and utilizes the concept of learning styles in order to reach every child in ways that connect them to the Gospel.

We have a drama/media room for presenting skits, watching video clips, listening to music, or dancing, and we are even willing to make use of one of the most tried and true methods of teaching the Bible to children: felt board storytelling!

church-children (1)Our primary values:




and showing the love of God through the love we express to each other.

Parents are always welcome to attend class with their child, or to hang out in the nursery until their little one feels comfortable.

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