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Mission Trip

 Summer means traveling and serving others!


Our many mission trips include journeying to Mora and Chacon, New Mexico to present Vacation Bible School, working at a camp near Taos, New Mexico, serving with Moab, Utah’s Bureau of Land Management on trail construction near Arches National Park, and helping construct an adobe brick building in Chimayo, New Mexico with the Youth Conservation Corps.

J.C. Superstars simply enjoy being together, and mission trips are the pinnacle of togetherness. We’ve bunked in an empty (haunted?) school house, old churches, drafty cabins, a youth hostel, and we are even quite skilled at tent camping. As long as we are together, serving God by serving others, we are on a good mission. These trips are also THE BEST WAY to get new Superstars connected with each other.

Oh, and by the way, our mission trips often involve some renewal recreation such as white water rafting, creek swimming, hiking, fishing, campfire singing, and touring historic churches and sites.


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