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12 Step Groups


If you are ready to make a change in your life… 

…these people know how to help make it happen.

Genesis knows that the first steps for any spiritual growth are acknowledging our own need to give up control and rely on God. It just so happens that the largest number of regular users of our Genesis facility also know this. Really, really well.

We are so pleased to host a number of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups in our building at various times during the week. We are confident there is a meeting today or tomorrow that will welcome you. Don’t delay any longer. If you have been drawn to this site tab it might not merely be you guiding your web browsing!

For more information call our church office and talk to Andrea at 303-973-9399. She can also give you a referral to group leaders and the exact time of the next meeting.

It may the best phone call you ever make and that start of a Whole New Beginning.

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