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Music Ministry

acoustic_guitar_case_mate_iphone_4_case-rd8b06d9048d844c895cc85d8b1813231_a4643_8byvr_512Worship at Genesis includes a wide array of music! Both contemporary and traditional songs accompany our weekly journey.


Classical to spiritual to sung liturgical responses have as their main goal to gain your participation.

No audition is required for our groups. Genesis is led in song by Joyful Noise Choir, a sometimes unruly bunch of singers who have a great time together and lift everyone else’s spirits along the way.

JuBellation is our bell choir. Whether you are an real ringer, or your only musical skill is the ability to count to four, you’ll fit right in. Our 9:09 Band leads from the front with guitar, bass, and drums along with violin and singers. Come join us!


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