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A Lesson From Cana About Adult Spiritual Formation… 

Jesus attends a wedding in John 2 and performs his first miracle: turning water into wine. Most folks back then served the good wine first, followed by the inferior stuff once everybody had drunk too much to care. This new wine however, served later in the evening, apparently scored higher than the first batch (what, in the 90s? How was the “nose?”) Now, this is just a strange miracle compared with helping the lame walk, the blind see, feeding multitudes, and raising folks from the dead, but it reminds us of the joys that can occur later in life. cana

Pastor Don finds it absurd that for so many adult disciples their faith education ended in youth group! There are some hefty questions around Jesus’ divinity, the authority of Scripture, and the place of Christianity among world religions. You will not find easy answers at Genesis – you will be challenged during the sermon, and maybe even more during the congregational Shared Response and Reflection If your answers to faith questions tend to be the same as when you were too young to sample the best wine legally, well… we have better stuff in store for you, as well!

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