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Pastor at Genesis Church, Littleton, CO

A New Translation

We are using David Hart’s translation of the New Testament this winter. Hart recognized a certain smoothing over of the varied voices making up our gospels, Paul, and Revelation. Rather than a product overly reliant upon the sound of the translator’s voice he tried to reclaim a raw range of sophistication, vocabulary and syntax evident in the original Greek manuscripts that we often miss. Changes in tenses, sometimes jarring (and educational) word choices more akin to first century speech, and surprising tone in the episode telling are quickly evident. While some (like Paul and Luke) were learned writers, others were simpler in their style. Hart wanted to relay that.

“Where they wrote bad Greek, I wrote bad English” he says, and our listening on Sunday mornings has taken on an immediacy that brings old lessons into new light.

What a weekend!

HollyDaze was our best ever! Related to the size of the turnout, the number of non-members, and the entire spirit of the affair was our celebratory $18,000 plus that we raised for Genesis. Last Saturday evening was simply one great party with so much laughter, goodwill and generosity that I already hear folks talking 2018.

I love worshiping at tables the morning after; I enjoy the change of pace and the fresh opportunities for community and conversation the set-up allows for. Your contributions to the Reformation “Solas” where you highlighted what kind of “only”s Genesis ought to affirm along with any flat out “no”s were inspired indeed. If we can make those “doors” the sort of witness we all carry into the world we are certainly proceeding and succeeding in Outfitting Authentic Disciples.  You guys make my hosting and walking around fielding comments Sunday mornings easy indeed.

Monday morning we were packed into the Board Room for our new Monday Morning Study. That is a group you should check out if possible! We will hear from Session next week in more detail but it seems Chuck Winter’s October plea also swirled up some needed funds to bring 2017 into better clarity and balance. Thank you!

It was C-O-L-D this morning leaving Conifer! There can be no denying we are leaving Fall behind and essentially into winter. The sunshine always lifts my spirits and continues to be, for me, one of the best things about this great place in which we live. I hope you are finding ways to exercise your faith and will continue to open up to what is developing at Genesis. We are a better church when you are with us!

Pastor Don