Happy Lent!

Here’s a way we are sharing the season at Genesis and how you can take part in helping our community envision what the spiritual journey looks like:

Picturing the Journey: #LentenSnapshots2017

1) take picture with smartphone or camera. Follow the prompts for the Lenten calendar posted here. Give or take a day either way because, life happens. You are the ARTISTE(!) so have some fun with what the Journey Word of the Day elicits in you through your viewfinder.

2) post picture on Genesis’ FB page with “PC” for photo credit and label it with the Lenten Word for us to consider. Add any comments/explanation if you like! (and comment on others)

3) OR send your pic as message to Don’s phone (720-284-1366) and Don will post to Facebook, maybe this Web Page, add to Announcement cycle, narthex screens etc.

4) OR email pics with word labels to genesis@wispertel.net

5) make sure you “follow” Genesis FB to get the congregation’s pics to your news feed on your regular FB

6) if you like, add this to your picture: “#LentenSnapshots2017” because we are joining a couple other churches in our exploration and we can share by way of TWITTER or INSTAGRAM as well as Facebook how others are Picturing the Journey.

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