Pastor Don Shrumm

DonPastor Don Shrumm

Don has been pastor of Genesis since Advent 2005. He was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington, where he and his family were active in the Presbyterian Church, Don earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Whitworth College, a small liberal arts university in Spokane.

After spending two years counseling juvenile delinquents (who taught whom more?), he attended San Francisco Theological Seminary and earned his Master of Divinity. This has always struck him as a bizarre title, as who can ever master divinity? This might be why he went on to get his Doctor of Ministry a few years back. Don was an Associate Pastor for Education in New Jersey for 5 years before coming back west to serve 13 years as Pastor at Southminster Church in Boise, Idaho. 

He is married to Julie; a contractor and salsa business owner who sings in the band. They live in Conifer.

His kids, Kate and Elizabeth, were active in Genesis’ youth and music programs. Kate is a graduate of CSU and pursuing a doctorate in Philosophy/Psychology at Washington University in St Louis. Liz lives in Fort Collins and is pursuing a sociology degree.  

Spring 2018 Don is taking a sabbatical and will be back in the pulpit August 1, 2018.

He blogs at FaithBiscuits


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