An Anti-microbial Play Area?

Went to McDonald’s drive-thru last night (I hardly ever do this) and was surprised that the restaurant itself was closed for remodeling; just the drive-thru was open.

McDonald’s continues to be the best at what it does. They are about the cheapest, quickest and tastiest of the fast food joints (I know this only from limited personal experience.) Got my McChicken something, fries, Diet Coke (see, I actually eat kinda healthy) apple pie, and mentioned the remodel going on.

“Yes, and now we’re going to have an anti-microbial play area…” is what the young woman said while taking my credit card. I didn’t know how to respond, so I said “huh” and took my dinner in return. I started to drive away since I’d rather read in my office than go anywhere, and I still had an hour before I needed to be over at Grace Presbyterian.

I checked my bag as I was pulling out, just to make sure McDonald’s filled my order correctly (I have read that sometimes fast food places don’t get your order right). And that’s when I realized we should advertise this.

Genesis should get known as An Anti-Microbial Play Area. Rather than germs and dangers we are a place where it is safe to play at faith and theology, philosophy and ethics, psychology and literature, music, arts and social activism…all with no danger of getting sick from those playing near you.

We are an extraordinary site hosting a very playful and hands on type of spiritual nurture.  It might frighten some folk to be so actively involved in worship, but that is what we are about. Like toddlers watching others climb around and slide back down I see folks weighing whether or not to participate as they listen, especially during Offerings. And better yet I see when they can remain silent no longer but decide to take part in our ongoing dialogue of all things that matter.

In some communities I know it can be dangerous to express who you really are. But in our remodel we have created a safe and clean space where the antibodies of love and acceptance help fight off any lingering residue of judgment left behind. Your continued horsing around in our liturgical ball pit is building all of us up into more healthy and creative disciples.

Pastor Don


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